b and g stairs with floralsMoira was absolutely fantastic to work with on planning my wedding! My family and friends all commented on what a calm bride I was throughout the planning process, and I honestly credit Moira with that – she made everything both easy & fun!

There were a few specific things that she did that I felt were important to mention:

  • She is a great communicator. She was proactive in reaching out to us and very accessible when we had questions for her or were ready to make decisions, but she never overwhelmed us with emails, phone calls or meetings. She was also very flexible in her form of communication, which would be especially helpful planning remotely.
  • She’s incredibly organized. I had a really busy year at work and was so appreciative that Moira was always on top of everything. She would keep us up to date on key decisions we had to make and when we should be making them, and made planning really easy.
  • She gave fantastic advice. Moira was never pushy with her opinions, but was always willing to provide advice when we asked. We ended up taking her recommendations on many of our vendors (catering, wedding cake, music) and were incredibly happy with the results. She also realized the things that would be important to us and suggested them– like making sure that we had time after the ceremony to enjoy a moment together as husband and wife (and taste some of our delicious appetizers!) before joining the reception.
  • Everything works. Moira was absolutely amazing the day of my wedding– she made sure that everything and everyone was where they were supposed to be at all times, and I honestly didn’t feel like I had to worry about anything the day of my wedding and could just enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends.